A unique public and voluntary sector partnership created to fight childhood adversity. Formed in 2018, Action on ACEs was launched with a conference to raise awareness of adverse childhood experiences.
Understand, collaborate and grow

The brief on this project was to develop a logo (and complete look and feel) that would radiate positivity and hope, when dealing with a difficult subject in childhood adversity. I needed to fully understand all the partners involved in the project, as well as the people likely to be impacted. The brand needed to be simple enough to use in many ways (online, in print, on mobile) and be developed further as the campaign grew. The use of the More than ​'marque' carries across the brand, sending a clear message to adults and children, that they are much more than what has happened to them in the past. 
The project launch was a huge success and the branding is now instantly recognisable in Gloucestershire. ​

More recent work

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